Customer Conversation Client (C3)

To transform complex sales, training, and self-service business processes into a simple, computer-led multi-media conversation, leveraging integrated human support if needed.

What is special about this platform?
Capable of running on multiple channels, this platform eliminates the need to develop customer facing presentation layer screens. Customer Conversation Client (C3) comes with a “tool-box” of building block components that are consistent and predictable with a library of widgets that run in web browsers, natively on Windows computers, or on mobile phones or tablets using HTML5.

C3 uses one of today’s most prevalent modern communication mechanisms – the chat client paradigm. However, this is a special form of chat – the process flows are orchestrated to simplify each input step from the customer. The C3 display screen includes separate areas:

  • A chat box area that displays the running conversation
  • An input area for the user to enter information. The input widget displayed is customized depending on the question being asked: number, time, date, single button, multi-select button, keyboard, document reader, PDF/URL browser links, Google maps, cameras, barcode readers, etc.
  • An “expert sales agent” (either pre-recorded video or live agent accessible via videocam) to guide the user through the Q&A process
  • A multi-media information or advertising area.

There are a number of chat clients out there. However the C3 client is unique as it is a “dumb client” – the “brains” are all in the VisionEngine, our enterprise business process flow engine. The VisionEngine is aware of many things that can help a customer. If we have live customer service agents available, we can seamlessly transfer a customer conversation to one or more live agents. They can then move the client back to an automated flow once done. The C3 client can therefore dynamically change the flow based on the situation, other resources, and the customer input.

How has VisionMAX used C3?
VisionMAX has used the interactive, omni-channel, input-widget tools of C3 on applications for several clients, including:
  • Bell Canada: self-serve applications for satellite TV subscribers (e.g., change channel line-up)
  • Digicel: training tool for store employees
  • SYNNEX: Electronic Software Download ordering tool for customers
  • Tridel: Digital Concierge for condo residents (e.g., order parking pass, book party room)
Imagine the Future…
How C3 will be used in the future is limited only by our clients’ imagination. Examples could include:
  • Call avoidance in the call centre space – give customers the personal touch with descriptive video and images along with computer chat and live chat when needed (just-in-time chat).
  • In-Store Research Agent to provide help/advise customers comparing products
  • A hospital could set up a Mass Notification System to notify staff and patients of outbreaks
  • Sales staff can now be experts in walking their customers through complex software, hardware, and services configurations. C3 incorporates all the product options and configuration rules and can generate a quote that the customer can review after a half-hour “education-sales” session.